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Drone Documentation

Use aerial images and videos captured by a drone to track the overall progress of your project. Drones can access difficult-to-reach areas and can get considerably closer to the subject than a helicopter or plane.


  • Plan view photos of the site

  • Photos around the structure @ cardinal Directions

  • Photos of the Elevation of the structure

  • Photos of point of interest

  • A video orbiting around the site

  • A video showing the overall condition of the site

Complete Construction Documentation

Keep a detailed record of the project's progress that can be effectively shared with the project's stakeholders. This offers you the capacity to recognize problems before they become liabilities.


This includes Drone Documentation, a full photo site documentation, and a 360 degree virtual tour

Construction Site Virtual Tour 

Get a detailed and in-depth look into your project's MEP with a thorough walkthrough utilizing our Matterport camera AND 360° cameras .

Check out one our recent tours!

360 degree Photos for a
High-Rise Building

This is a 360 Degree photos at the height of proposed high-rise building (height of 400'FT). Giving you the ability to see the views that the build will have. This can be a very powerful marketing and design tool.

Check out one our recent tours!

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