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Alto Media Group Inc. offers construction documentation leveraging the latest Drone and Camera technology. We strive to provide transparent and consistent data to every project's stakeholders.

We pride ourselves in maintaining safety as our #1 priority. We are OSHA certified, Insured and commercially licensed drone operators under the FAA (Part 107).

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Drone Photography 


Alto Media Group is rapidly becoming South Florida's favorite service provider for drone photography and Construction documentation. We specialize in the Real estate, construction, and design industries and provide you with time- and money-saving content. Alto Media Group has you covered for a Project Showcase, a Before and After, or a biweekly progress report. Being able to convey the present condition of a job site or asset to all stakeholders and executives has proven to save time, money, and increase safety in the construction and real estate industries, where technologies such as drones and virtual tours have transformed the game.

Scheduled Visits

We create a schedule that works with each clients schedule and determine each project's documentation frequency.


We will develop a standardized 

documentation program that 

maintains the project's consistency 

throughout its timeline.


Our OSHA certified professionals will capture each project with precision and efficiency while 

keeping safety as our first priority.


Experience the peace of mind knowing the progress of your project is on schedule, saving you time and money.


Drone Photography 

With drone photography, you can get high resolution photos and videos from perspectives that you wouldn't be able to see from the ground. Our drone photography team is able to provide you with detailed images of your project from up close as well as from far away. Let us show you the beauty of your project from the sky

Virtual Tours

Our virtual tours provide a 360-degree view of the construction site, allowing you to walk through the space and see every detail. With our virtual tours, you can remotely visit the site at any time, from any location, and get an accurate representation of the progress on the project.

Photos and Video Editing

At Alto Media Group, we offer professional photo and video editing services. Our experienced team of editors can help you create stunning visuals for presentations, social media marketing, and more. We can also edit together a video from your photos and footage, ensuring that your project looks polished and professional.

Ruben Rodriguez

Ruben Rodriguez

Owner Operator 

Ruben founded Alto Media in 2020 as a way to combine his passion for construction and technology. He has extensive experience working with architects, engineers and construction firms in South Florida.

Construction Specialist

Drone Expert

Virtual Tour Specialist


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